What happens if you drink spoiled, moldy, or expired apple juice?

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Sometimes people ask- what happens if you drink spoiled, moldy, or expired apple juice?

It’s a crucial question, indeed. Apart from that, people always want to know- can apple juice go bad so earlier? So,

Before giving the broad answer, we all should know that the juice shelf life of fresh organic fruits like apples is longer than a vegetable juice if you use a slow juicer for apples.

Naturally, an apple is a bit acidic, and acidic things take much time to ferment and a longer time to spoil the juice. The nectar of apples has a good expiration date.

If the juice’s expiration date passes, drinking that juice may cause some common health issues.


However, Before providing broad and proper answers to what happens if you drink spoiled, moldy, or expired apple juice?

We have to know some essential facts about the apple-

According to the USDA’s Economic Research Service, apples are the most popular fruits in the United States of America.

Apples are the most nutritious and low-calorie fruits that contain natural sugar content instead of artificial sugar.

On the health point, Surprisingly, apple juice acts as a remedy for heart disease because it contains a fair amount of soluble fiber and polyphenols that lessen blood cholesterol levels.

It also checks type 2 diabetes.

A study shows that drinking a glass of apple juice in a day discards a 28% threat of type 2 diabetes.

Moreover, apple juice fights against cancer, asthma, prebiotic effects, and stomach injury.

From the calories point of view, it is a super low-calorie fruit. 223 grams of apple juice provides only 116 calories that are lower-calorie energy drinks.

Why apple juices spoil, expire, or go bad?

To preserve or drink expired apple juice is harmful to our body. You probably don’t want to drink the apple juices that go bad.

After extracting the liquid, you might have kept the apple juice overnight or opened it for a long time.

Therefore it a significant reason -why juice goes bad so early. The other reason can be your preservation method of apple juice.

You may store the liquid in high temperature, or you might preserve the nectar in contact with air and sunlight, which are also responsible for expiring the juice as earlier as possible.

Furthermore, you might not store the juice in the refrigerator in due time, or you may not use the airtight storage device to preserve the apple juice.

Another reason could be if you use the fast juicer to make apple juice as the high-speed centrifugal operates at a high rate of 6000-16000 rpm (revolutions per minute).

This speedy juicing process creates much-oxidized fluid resulting in much foamy juice, which reduces the juice shelf life.

So, you cannot preserve the juice for a more extended period that is extracted by the fastest juicing machine .

If you are accustomed to drinking canned apple juice, then you probably don’t know how the company preserves the liquid or what elements they use to store the fluid in the can.

The canned juice may spoils when the validity of chemicals used to protect the juice gets expired.

Or if you have a bottle or a gallon of apple juice and you drink a little by sipping, but you forget to close the top cap of the bottle or the gallon, then apple juice may go bad sooner.

Now tell me one thing- can apple juice go wrong or not? Probably, the answer is obvious. Opened items attract harmful bacteria that quickly spoil the liquid.

How to know if apple juice spoiled, bad, or expire?

Everything looks fine such as color and juice texture at bare eyes, and smells good. You may assume the juice still does not go bad or expired.

Whenever you see some radical change in juice color, smell, taste, or juice texture, you are about to get that the juice is spoiled.

When you look at the color, you will find the color deeper than the natural apple’s juice color. In a word, the color gets fade.

Naturally, when apple juice spoils, it doesn’t smell good. This way of spoilage is called fermentation.

When apple juice ferments, it smells like wine or beer; the other way of getting whether the juice has fermented or not is the sour taste.

If it tastes a bit sour, you have to avoid drinking the juice right away as it is being fermented.

If you see the juice creates much bubbling, it is a bad sign, and you have to stop drinking the juice.

How to store apple juice to increase juice shelf life?

Preserving the juice is not that hard. There are several ways to store for getting extended juice shelf life.

You can either pasteurize or refrigerate the liquid for a more extended period. Pasteurized juice provides a longer juice shelf life than freeze it.

To get a longer juice shelf life, you have to keep your juice away from the sunlight and air. In case of the using the pasteurizing method, you can use the sealed box or bottle.

You can also use the can to get extended juice shelf periods. If you want to store homemade juice for a week, you can use a refrigerator.

Try to use the slow cold press juicer over the fast juicer if you wish for quality apple juice.

Though the slow juicer guarantees that you can preserve the juice for up to 72 hours, still if you use the proper procedure, you can freeze up the fluid for up to seven days.

But the quality of the juice will degrade a little. Try to use an airtight storage device and keep the liquid in a cold and dark place.

Another thing you can do is extracted juice from apples adding some best greens.

You can use several storage devices such as glass pitchers, glass bottles, hermetic jars, mason jars, stainless steel jugs, and tumblers to store in the fridge.

Be aware of preserving the plastic containers’ fluid as these devices spread out the chemicals and toxins that they contain.

Moreover, they are not airtight jars that grow oxidation. On top of that, plastic bottles are made from Bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, and polyvinyl chloride, which is a harmful chemical for the human body.

How long apple juice last after preparing?

You can preserve the pasteurized apple liquid for up to 10 days if once the can be opened.

Concentrated canned apple juice can be preserved for up to nine months if it is unopened and keeps in a cool place, and stays away from sunlight.

Suppose the pasteurized liquid stores in the sealed box jar or bottle can give a longer apple juice shelf life for up to two-three months.

In case of freeze up the nectar, you can preserve the fluid for up to a week at best.

What happens if you drink spoiled, moldy, or expired apple juice?

The questions are, can you drink expired apple juice? And will fermented apple juice make you sick?

If the juice passes its expiration date, it is obviously unsafe to drink. By chance, if you drink expired or fuzzy apple juice, you will face some common health problems.

You may encounter stomach aches, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting. Therefore, avoid dead drinking juice to be safe from any unexpected illness.

Stomach ache is the abdominal pain that creates pain between the chest and pelvic region. And the pain could be dull, achy, sharp, and intermittent.

According to Healthline, stomach pain can cause constipation, diarrhea or vomiting, gallbladder stone, and kidney stone.

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