How to make juice from grapes at home easily (Two ways explained)

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The homemade grape juice recipe is a healthy option. And you can easily make juice from grapes after reading this recipe guide. We have explained here the two best ways to prepare grape juice.

But before going through the whole recipe guide, let me explain what types of nutrients grape juice contains.

Grapes juice is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, and is lower in calories, fat, sugar, protein, and carbohydrate.

How to make grape juice at home without using a blender or juicer?

   You can make grape juice at home without using a juicer or blender in an easy and effective way. But, you will need the following things at your disposal:


1. 2 cups of Concord grapes

2. Sugar (if you like sweetened juice)


4. Large stainless steel bowl (CHECK THE BEST ONE HERE)

5. Cheesecloth (BUY FROM AMAZON)


Steps to follow making homemade grape juice recipe:

1. Reap the grapes:

We prefer concord grapes most to juice when it comes to having a nutritious drink. In fact, concord grapes are the most popular and nutritious grape variety in the world. But, you can choose different types of grapes to make juice.


If you have grapes vine in your backyard garden, it is better to harvest them fresh to make juice. Otherwise, you can collect garden-fresh grapes from a local farmer or you can buy from a local vendor but fresh grapes are preferable.

2. Remove them from the stem: 

Remove the grapes one by one from the grape stem and gather them in a pot. Make sure to throw away the spoiled grapes.



3. Wash the grapes properly:

Grape may contain pesticides or insects and you should carefully wash them. You might wash them using warm water for a couple of minutes removing pesticides or any chemicals or keep them under water in a bowl for 5-10 minutes.


4. Mash up them:

Mash them up using a potato masher until the fluid begins to flow in the stainless steel bowl.

Mash up grape

5. Cook them well:

Place the bowl of the mashed grapes on a stove and heat them mildly and cook them for up to 10-15 minutes. In the meantime, when the grapes boil, you have to mash them up using a stainless steel spoon.


6. Strain the boiled grapes:

Keep a strainer or Cheesecloth on a bowl or a container, pour the strainer or Cheesecloth with the boiled grapes and stain them properly until the maximum juice comes out.


7. Adding sugar:

Some grape juice naturally becomes less sweeten. If you like to have a sweet grapes juice recipe, you can add some sugar to the juice to your taste and cook them again to dissolve the sugar fully.

8. Cool the juice:


Now, cool the strained juice in a refrigerator or add some ice cubes to the juice and enjoy the juice.

How to make juice from grapes with a blender or juicer?

You can also make juice from grapes using the best blender or a fast juicer like Jack Lalanne power juicer express.


  • Stainless steel cooking pot (SEE ON AMAZON)
  • Strainer or Colander
  • Cheesecloth
  • Masher (SEE ON AMAZON)
  • Jar or bowl
  • Juicer or blender


  • 2 Cups Concord grapes
  • 1 Cup water
  • Sugar (optional)
  • 3-4 Ice cubes


1. Collect the garden-fresh concord grapes from your garden or from local farmers.

2. Destem the grapes one by one and sort out the damaged grapes and throw them away.

3. Wash them thoroughly to remove pesticides, chemicals, or insects. You can rinse them in running water for better cleaning.

4. Now, toss the grapes in the blender or slow juicer to extract the highest juice possible. Add some water for effective blending.

5. After extracting them well, use a strainer or cheesecloth to get more clean grape juice straining leftover pulp in the juice.

6. Then, Add some sugar if you want to sweeten the grape juice recipe. Otherwise, you should not add sugar when you want to have a low-sugar drink.

7. At last, put some ice cubes in the juice to get a better taste and flavor and enjoy the cold juice.


You can use any type of grapes and add sugar to your taste.

How long does grape juice last?

Drinking fresh grape juice is always better. Freshly extracted grape juice lasts for a few hours if not refrigerated soon. But, you can also preserve the grape juice for extended periods using a refrigerator and freezer. If you store the juice in a refrigerator, it’s not wise to store them for more than 10 days. In case of freezing, the grape juice may last 6-8 months if unopened.

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Can you drink grape juice daily?

You may consume unsweetened or tart grape juices daily. But before drinking sweetened grape juice, you have to take extra precautions as sweet grape juice is high in sugar which may increase your weight and may hamper your diet plan. Therefore, to avoid any unwanted issues, we recommend drinking juice twice to fourth times a week.

How much grape juice should you drink a day?

According to WebMD, one should not drink unsweetened grapes juice more than half a cup (1/2) per day. They said half a cup of juice contains low calories, fat, sugar, and carbohydrate, and vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus which are extremely helpful for health.

What is the best time to drink grape juice?

You can drink grape juice almost all the time. But, the best time to drink is the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach. You may also take juice 1 or 2 hours after breakfast. Besides, you can drink grape juice before and after the workout. If you want to drink at night, it is better to have less grape juice 2-3 hours before bedtime avoiding weight gain. Some expert says grape juice is good for quality sleep.

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