Can you freeze lemon juice? How to freeze lemon juice?

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Lemon juice is a popular refreshing drink and keeps us hydrated all day round. A glass of Lemon juice contains 5%-6% citric acid and is also a great source of vitamin C. Citric acid has an alkaline effect on the human body which helps fast digestion. On the other hand, vitamin C improves the immune system. Drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice is always recommended to get full health benefits. Normally, lemon juice lasts for 3-4 hours at room temperature. Within these periods harmful bacteria attack the juice and spoil sooner. But, the question is- can you freeze lemon juice to increase juice shelf life? The answer is straight- YES. You can freeze lemon juice for more extended periods or later use.  

How to freeze fresh lemon juice?

Freezing lemon juice in a freezer is easy, time-saving, and effortless if you use the best citrus juicer to extract juice fast. To properly complete the freezing process, you can follow the procedures that mention below:

  • Wash the lemons if you collect garden-fresh lemons.
  • Roll the lemon on the countertop with pressure to get the best juice extraction.
  • Cut them into two pieces.
  • Juice them using the best electric lemon juicer or hand squeezer. Remember, extracting lemons. juice using a hand squeezer is a tiresome and time-consuming job. Therefore, you can use this juicer for a smooth juicing operation.
  • After extraction, pour the lemon juice into the ice-cube trays and freeze them until be frozen.
  • Once the juice turns into a stiff frozen bar, remove them from ice-cube trays and transfer them in freezer bags or zip-lock bags and store them freezer again for use later.

Like freezing grapefruits juice, this is as simple as that freezing fresh lemon juice.

Can you freeze lemon juice in plastic bottles?

You can freeze lemon juice in plastic bottles but we don’t recommend it. Because many plastic bottles are made from some toxic components like polystyrene, polypropylene, and nylon. These harmful elements could contaminate the juices if you preserve them for longer periods. However, you can use plastic containers to store lemon juice that is made from BPA-free plastics, which are specially used for preserving food and beverage.   

Freezing lemon juice in mason jars or glass jars

Freezing lemon juice in mason jars is safe and highly compatible with the freezer. Being tempered, you have to follow specific instructions when you use glass or mason jars to store lemon juice. You rarely find the right instructions on how to use glass jars or mason jars in the freezer when you buy them.

  • Before pouring lemon juice, look at the mason jar and Identify a line below the rim of the jar.
  • Pour the squeezed lemon juice up to the line. Please, don’t pour the jar crossing that line. Otherwise, the jar could break at any time as the jar expands over time in the freezer.
  • Seal the lid tightly and preserve the jar in the freezer.

 Note- if you don’t see any line near the rim at all, make sure to pour the glass jars leaving 1-2 inches space from the rim. 

Is frozen lemon juice as good as fresh?

To be honest, lemon juice will last for longer periods in the freezer. But, you can’t get the natural flavor or nutrients that you can expect from freshly squeezed lemon juice. Freezing degrades the natural standard over time. A common question is- does freezing lemon juice kill enzymes and vitamins. Freezing does not fully kill natural nutrients like digestive enzymes, vitamins, and other elements. However, scientific research shows that freezing reduces the effectiveness of nutritional value that it holds. 

How long can you freeze lemon juice?

Freshly squeezed lemon juice lasts for 2-4 days in the refrigerator but 3-4 months in the freezer. For getting longer juice shelf life, maintain the right preservation method. In the case of freezing store-bought lemon juice, you can preserve unopened lemon juice for up to 3-6 months and open lemon juice for at least 1 week. However, you can preserve Meyer lemon juice for up to 2-3 weeks in the fridge.

Can I freeze Meyer lemon juice?

Meyer lemons are smaller in size, expensive, moderately acidic but sweeter than regular lemons. These thin and deep yellow to orange-colored citrus fruits are especially available from December to May. You can squeeze refreshing Meyer lemons juice and freeze them like regular lemons juice in an ice cube tray, mason jars, or any glass jars for later use.

Freezing lemon juice for cocktails

You can still freeze lemon juice for cocktails. Make sure you use an airtight container to store lemon juice for cocktails to hold the natural aroma of lemon juice and freeze them well.

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