Benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach

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The Juice enthusiasts always wonder and ask -are there any health benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach?

It’s no denying that celery is a nutritious fibrous vegetable and low-calorie stalk with leaves. Health-conscious people often add celery to their diet plan to lose weight fast.

But they get stuck in the question of whether drinking celery juice on an empty stomach is good for health.

Well, before providing the exact and crucial answer, we have to keep close eyes on what celery actually contains.

According to Healthline a single celery stalk contains 12 types of antioxidants and has only 10 calories. That’s why people often refer to it as a super ‘diet food’.

The crispy and crunchy celery is also rich in vitamin A, C, K, minerals, flavonoids, potassium, magnesium, iron, and sodium.

Celery stalks are also excellent sources of water (about 95% water), soluble fiber, insoluble fiber, and other phytonutrients.

Additionally, they are enriched with 25 anti-inflammatory compounds. But to extract juice from celery, you have to use the best juicers for celery.

So, you see celery stalks are blessed with so many natural nutrients that can keep you free from many health issues for sure.

Benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach

1.Has an alkalizing effect on the body:

When we drink celery juice on an empty stomach, it put alkalizing effects on our body which are good for reducing acidity. Alkaline means when our blood contains pH over 7 but simply we can say alkaline reduces acidity in our stomach. The alkalizing effect radically increases energy, reduces body weight, improves mental health, improves memory, facilitates deed sleep, etc. so when we drink celery on empty stomach, it helps reduce acidity or gas problem that we face often.

2.Helps improve the digestive system:

If we drink celery juice regularly, it helps increase circulation in our intestines. Regular circulation improves our digestive system gradually. Celery juice acts as the natural diuretic and laxative that helps our digestion. If our intestines work smoothly, it helps reduce constipation, puffiness, and bloating. So benefits of celery juice on empty stomach on our digestive system are no denying.

3. Aids cleanse the liver:

You might have heard about medical medium Antony William who started researching celery juice. He found that celery helps cleanse our liver. Also, study shows that celery juice hinders fat buildup in the liver. On top of that, the nutrients contained in celery, especially, enzymes help prevent fat build-up in the liver and also throw toxins out of the liver. If you have celery juice on an empty stomach, it will be more effective.

4. Fights against inflammation:   

 We said earlier that celery greens contain 12 anti-inflammatory compounds. These anti-inflammatory elements help reduce gout, joint pain, arthritis. These compounds also relax our nerve system.

5. Controls cholesterol level:

Celery is enriched with one kind of compound called 3-n-butylphthalide (BuPh). This element helps has an effective action on harmful lipid called LDL (low-density lipoproteins). So when you drink celery juice on an empty stomach in the morning, it becomes more effective to lower LDL.  

6. Lowers blood pressure:

  Research shows that celery contains calcium, potassium, and 3-n-butylphthalide (BuPh) that helps control high blood pressure. Celery juice on an empty stomach ensures a smooth flow of calcium and potassium in cells. The continuous flow helps blood vessels easily expand and contract. Researchers show that 3-n-butylphthalide deters arteries from fatty buildup and control blood pressure drastically.

7. Combats against infection:

Celery juice is abundant in antibacterial properties that combat infections and boost our immune system naturally. To keep our digestive system and reproductive organs free from bacterial infections, celery juice discards the uric acid and help urine production. It also prevents infections in the kidney, bladder, and UTIs.

8. Reduces acid reflux:

Acid reflux is a common and painful experience for someone. It hampers deep sleep, eats well, and also lives well. To escape from acid reflux and ulcer, you can add celery juice to your diet plan. Research shows that celery has healing properties that can relieve us from acid reflux and ulcers.

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9. Hydrates for longer periods:

Celery stalks contain 95% water that helps us stay hydrated for longer periods. Having hydrated for a long time can help improve brain function, keep kidneys safe, control blood pressure, and keep body temperature normal.

10. Helps weight loss:

If you drink high sugar juice everyday, it may responsible for weight gain overnight. But, Celery juice is lower in sugar and also known as low calories vegetable that helps weight loss dramatically. It reduces belly fat fast and drinking celery juice on empty stomach daily reduces belly fat even faster. Once you lose weight, you keep yourself out of diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases.

When is the best time to drink celery juice?

The best time to drink celery juice is on an empty stomach in the morning. If you miss drinking on empty stomach, make sure to drink after 30 minutes of breakfast. You can drink celery juice before and after a workout and in the evening 2-3 hours before your bedtime.

How much celery juice should you drink everyday?

Healthline states that drinking 16 ounces (475ml) celery juice on an empty stomach helps maintain a good diet plan. Besides, they recommend taking celery juice 710-945 ml everyday for those who are affected with chronic diseases. If you are a beginner in the celery diet plan, make sure to use these best beginner juicers to get all nutrients alive.

How long does it take for celery juice to work?

Experts say one gets to drink celery juice benefits within one week to one month. But sometimes it varies if you don’t maintain proper guidelines of the diet plan of celery juice.

Does celery juice make you full?

Celery juice contains 95% of water and other natural nutrients that help you fuller and hydrate you for longer periods. It provides you with energy, enzyme and keeps you away to get hungry as early as possible.

Is celery juice good for your skin?

Celery juice is full of water and vitamin C which increases the luminosity of our skin and also keeps us free from acne, wrinkles, and fine lines as it hydrates us and keeps skin cells wet for extended periods.

What are the side effects of drinking celery juice?

Yes. Celery juice has some side effects. Medicalnewtoday states that celery contains a chemical named psoralen that reacts to sunlight and may cause skin irritation and photoaging. They also said that celery juice is not suitable for those who have an allergic problem.

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